Opportunities for Women in Science

Join the WISDOM MB Trainee Group!

We are inviting applications for three positions in the Trainee Working Group:

(1) Events Executive: Responsible for and primary contacts for the planning and execution of WISDOM trainee events; Organizing a minimum of four (4) events per year, two (2) of which must be WISDOM-led events, while two events may be ran through collaboration with other on-campus groups; Works collaboratively with the Outreach Executive on initiatives that involve other on campus stakeholders.

(2) Social Media Executive: Manages various social media accounts on behalf of WISDOM and engages the WISDOM audience with event promotion and information of Women in Science. Ensures WISDOM.MB.ca is up to date with current information and WISDOM initiatives. Collects, edits, and posts content for WISDOM Wednesday weekly women in science features.

(3) Mentorship Program Coordinator: Responsible for and primary contact for the WISDOM Longitudinal Mentorship Program. Develops, establish, and implement the Program according to the guiding principles outlined in the terms of reference document.

For full details and information on how to apply, visit our Join the WISDOM MB Trainee Working Group page.

Call for Applications for the WISDOM Executive Committee

Four (4) new members will be elected for the WISDOM Executive Committee.

The WISDOM Executive Committee members participate in setting priorities for activities planned in accordance with the WISDOM mandate, coordinate efforts with other organizations for promoting WISDOM events, facilitate decision making based on consensus agreement, facilitate constant renewal of ideas, participate in working group or sub-committee for priority issues, and ensure ongoing promotion of the WISDOM purpose and mandate. The WISDOM Executive Committee meets at least six (6) times per academic year, or subject to the call of the Chair.

Visit WISDOM MB Executive Committee Call for Applications for how to apply.

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Past WISDOM Events

To see the list of all past WISDOM events, click here. Recent events:

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